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Tour to Vulyagmenis Lake

Tour to Vulyagmenis Lake

Vulyagmenis Lake is the pearl of the Athenian Rivera. Amazingly beautiful healing lake with turquoise salt-fresh water. The healing properties of the natural sources that feed the lake are rich in salt and mineral water. All this, combined with high water temperatures, helps to alleviate musculoskeletal disorders and post-traumatic stress, and also helps people with gynecological and dermatological diseases. Water comes from thermal springs with depths ranging from 50 to 100 meters, and the temperature of the water in the lake ranges between 22-29 ° throughout the year. The lake has a brackish composition, the water of which is constantly updated by thermal springs and the sea.
It is also worth writing about the little black fish that live in the lake about doing skin peeling. Lake Vulyagmenis will amaze you with the beauty of the landscape of cliffs descending to the water and a beautiful green park around the lake. The lake is only 30min. drive from the center of Athens on the Athens-Sounion highway.

Tour program

This tour if you rest with us by car you can arrange for yourself. Also, bus number 122 to Lake Vulgmenis can be visited by tourists vacationing in the resorts of Saronida, Lagonisi and Agia Marina. If you relax in the resorts of Porto Rafti, Artemis, Nea Makri, Rafina, unfortunately there is no good bus connection to the lake. You can order this tour with us. The length of stay on the lake does not affect the cost of the tour. The cost of this tour depends on the distance of your resort from the lake. The time of departure from the villa and return to the villa is set at the time of booking the tour. You can also combine this tour with a visit to the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion.
Entrance to the lake is paid. The cost of an adult ticket is 12 euros on weekdays and 13 euros Saturday – Sunday. Children under 5 are free. Children 5-12 years old 5.5 euros.