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Tour Corinth Canal, Lutraki resort, lighthouse at Cape Melagkawi, the ancient temple of Ireon and Lake Lutraki

Tour Corinth Canal, Lutraki resort, lighthouse at Cape Melagkawi, the ancient temple of Ireon and Lake Lutraki

One day and very varied tour. You will visit the border of mainland Greece and the Peloponnese, visit the famous Corinth Canal, the resort of Lutraki and its environs. As well as the ancient Greek Temple of Ireon – Perachora and the lighthouse on Cape Melagkawi. The program of this tour also includes relaxing on the beach of the salt-fresh lake Vulyagmenis Lutraki and swimming in its healing waters. Amazing landscapes of the Gulf of Corinth throughout your journey will leave the most unforgettable experience. Take along cameras, bathing suits and towels, and drinking water.
You can read more detailed and step-by-step tour program below. This tour is one-day and lasts from 9-10 hours. The tour is very exciting and not at all tiring.


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The first attraction will be a visit to the Corinth Canal connecting the two seas.

The Corinth Canal was built in 1893 at the narrowest point at the junction of mainland Greece and the Peloponnese Peninsula. The length of the channel is 6.3 km. The channel serves as a junction of the Saronic and Corinthian bays. Once the sailors had to go around the entire Peloponnese to get to the Gulf of Corinth and the Ionian Sea it took a lot of hours and maybe days. Now it is only a 30-40 minute passage through the channel. The view from the bridge to the canal and the passing boats is amazing. There are several cafes near the canal where you can drink coffee and souvenir shops.
The path from your villa to the Corinth Canal will run along the Attica Odos highway and will last from 70 - 90 minutes depending on which resort you live in. Personal time at the Corinth Canal is 50-60 minutes.

Second stop is waterfalls on the promenade of Lutraki resort

Lutraki resort is a famous Greek resort at all times of the year. In addition to the delightful promenade with beautiful beaches in Lutraki, there are thermal wellness springs. The resort has many resorts with thermal pools that take vacationers for health tourism all year round. The beautiful green nature around the resort and mountain rivers that fall to the sea create beautiful waterfalls is another amazing attraction of this resort. From the Corinth Canal to the resort of Lutraki and waterfalls only 15-20min. the way. The stop at the waterfalls is not great for about 20 minutes.

And here is the peak of our journey excavations of the ancient Greek Temple of Ireon - Perachora and the lighthouse on Cape Melagkawi.

Leaving the city of Lutraki, we continue our journey along the mountain on the coastal ridge along the soft serpentine with amazing views of the sea and mountains (you can stop for a photo session), the scenery is simply amazing. We are heading to the Ireon Temple - Perakhora and the lighthouse on Cape Melagkawi. This is approximately 30-35 minutes. the way. The Ireon Temple is the majestic ruins of the sanctuary of the goddess Hera Acrea (outskirts) or Hera Limienia (sea, port). The temple is located in a fragrant resinous incense pine grove northwest of the city of Corinth. The temple was dedicated to the goddess Hera, the wife of lightning Zeus. The name Acrea (outskirts) was given to the Temple because it was built in the 9th century BC during the heyday of the Corinthian state and was located on its outskirts, so to speak, on the border. Merchant ships going to the Gulf of Corinth were obliged to stop at the Temple, bow to the goddess and bring a donation.
Melagkawi Lighthouse is located right next to the ruins of the temple and is the largest lighthouse in the Gulf of Corinth. For a visit to the lighthouse and the Temple you will blow 60-80min.

The last most pleasant point of our trip for lunch, we arrive at Lake Vulyagmenis Lutraki

From Cape Melagkawi to the lake only 10 min. drive. Having completed the main program of our tour, we should be at the lake for dinner. On the beach of the lake there are several restaurants with sea food and cafes where you can have lunch. There are umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach. Rest by the lake 3-3.5 hours. After, fees and return home.